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We believe your satisfaction and discretion are our top priority which is why Dreams Washington DC female escorts makes several promises not only to our Associates but Clients as well. Safety and security for all parties concerned is paramount which is why Dreams is a DC - Maryland Escort service which supports and fully endorses Pre-screening Verifications and is the only way we do business. Maryland Escorts, DC Escort Service, South Eastern PA Escorts Fantasys! All things Escorts and Escort industry Fantasys Escort Service Need service in KY, West. VA or Nashville ?
DivineCompanion sister Agency to Dreams for worthy gentleman on a budget

Once you've passed our screening to ensure you're the kind of man who needs DC independent type escort services and meets the Dreams Escort Service standard we WILL go to great lengths to protect  your anonymity. The owner of Dreams values integrity, honesty and the time honored principle a man's word is his bond, something a Dreams Escort Service Washington GFE Escort Client believes in. In short, it comes down to "do as you say.. and say what you do". Our Potomac Escort Companions understand the importance of reliability, integrity, discretion and having fun!

WE give you our guarantee that the Washington DC Female Escort model who shows up will match the description we give OR WE'LL MATCH THE FLAT FEE WE QUOTE!

It's simply the right way to conduct business another fine example of our total commitment to our chosen profession. We here at Georgetown DC Escort Service understand we are not all things to all people nor do we try to be however we will endeavor to have a little something for you.



Dreams Escort Service Public Newsletter

Week of Dec 4th - Dec 10th, 2011

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“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. ”

~ Plato ~


Good day all.



As a rule we don't have "specials" however every now and then I'll offer special circumstance packages. A couple of associates have agreed to make themselves available on Christmas day and we will be offing a New Years celebration package 7PM New Year Eve until 1 AM New year day for $1,300.00. 

Xmas Day
New Years Package



Washington DC EscortWhat is your professional/stage/working name?


What cities do you work in the industry?

Baltimore, Frederick, Timonium, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, York Pennsylvania

At what age did you engage in your first professional experience?


Describe your first professional experience, including what happened, how you felt, what you were thinking, how you felt afterward.

I was obviously very nervous, but I also felt a sense of excitement and anticipation. My client was very nice and respectful and I soon felt comfortable and began to enjoy myself. Afterwards, I waited for some kind of crisis of conscience, but it never came. Instead I just felt a sense of pride and inner peace. I had made someone else feel good, I had fun doing it and I earned money. I honestly felt as though I had found my calling.

At what age did you entertain the first (serious) thoughts of going into this line of work?

Late teens

What made you decide to enter the line of work you’re in?

I consider myself a pleaser, and I derive a sense of satisfaction from giving joy to other people. I am also intuitive, a great listener, and very confident and comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to offer these assets to other people so that I could enhance their lives.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy meeting and experiencing new people, and letting them experience me and all that I have to offer. Making people happy gives me a sense of inner peace.

What do you like the least about your work?

Sometimes it can be a little challenging to accommodate meeting with clients on top of juggling my other job, family obligations, etc. But, I consider this as part of the work and actually it has helped me to become better organized and to manage my time more efficiently.

Does your family know what you do?

My family does not know what I do, but if they were to somehow find out I would explain to them how much satisfaction this job brings to me and I think eventually they would understand and support me.

Do you have a spouse, partner or significant other, and if so, do they know about what you do? If so, what do they think?

I am not currently dating anyone seriously. If I were to meet someone with whom I thought there was serious relationship potential, I would be honest about what I do. This job is part of who I am and I would not want to enter into a relationship with someone who is not accepting and supportive of me in all capacities. Obviously, the right man for me will be very mature, open minded and secure in himself and his masculinity.

How much longer do you think you’ll do what you’re doing now, and what are your plans for when you quit?

I am relatively new to the business, and so I am looking forward to working for several more years at least. When I do eventually stop working I hope to have saved enough money to possibly travel, go back to school, or just feel more financially secure as I enter into the next phase of my life.

Describe your educational background.

I have a bachelor's degree.

If you had to go back and tell your younger self  that you’d be doing what you’re doing now what do you think your younger self would say about it?

I think my younger self would be very surprised, but at the same time understand my motivations. I was rather shy as a teen, but I also had a deep desire to break free of my inhibitions and really experience everything the world had to offer. So my younger self would be very pleased to see the confident, adventurous women she had grown into.

What advice would you give someone who was looking to get into your line of work?

I would first tell them that even though this job offers fantastic financial, mental and spiritual benefits, it is most certainly not for everybody. You need to be very open minded, confident, and have an indestructible sense of self. You also need to be responsible, reliable, mature, and trustworthy. You also must thrive on pleasing others, while at the same time being able to communicate your personal limits to clients. This job is not "easy money." To be successful you really need to love what you do aside from the financial benefits, because clients can always sense if you are watching the clock and are not really present in the moment with them. All that aside, I would urge any attractive, intelligent, healthy, and emotionally stable woman to consider this line of work. It has enhanced my life in a lot ways and has even made me a better person.


escorts district of columbia Dreams Associate ANNAPOLIS - DC - BWI AREA

Annapolis Escorts - DC EscortsMichelle will be based out of Annapolis MD with service to Washington DC, BWI and the southern portions of 695. Once you spend several hours with her, please do not bother to ask her to marry you. Sorry, howevetr I saw her first and under "Man law" I have first dibs! * laugh *






This week:
- Advance notice is HIGHLY recommended guys.


Allison  - Based in Baltimore with availabilities after 6 PM and weekends with advance reservations. 8 to 24 hour NOTICE Mandatory.
Monday - Booked
Tuesday - Unavailable
Wednesday - 6PM - 11PM
Thursday - 6PM - 11PM
Friday - 6PM - 11PM
Sat - OFF
Sun - Noon - 10 PM

- Availabilities in the Chambersburg - Harrisburg - York areas and Hagerstown - Frederick for incall and outcalls. 8 to 24 hour NOTICE Mandatory.
Monday -  Noon to 7 PM
Tuesday - Noon to 9 PM
Wednesday - Noon to 9 PM
Thursday -Noon to 9 PM
Friday -Noon to 9 PM
Saturday - Noon - 7PM Special advanced request only
Sunday - Special advanced request only


Claire - Cumberland - Hagerstown - Frederick MD - Chambersburg - Harrisburg PA with advanced notice just ask.
Monday - Salisbury MD
Tuesday - 11AM to 10 PM
Wednesday - 11AM to 10 PM
Thursday - 11AM to 1PM 
Friday - 11AM to 1PM
Saturday - 11AM to 11PM


Lily - Available 8 to 24 hour NOTICE Mandatory for incalls or outcall in the N.VA area with incalls primary in the Timonium - Lutherville & BWI area.
Monday - 9AM to 3PM (Outcall only)
Tuesday - 9AM to 1PM (Outcall only)
Wednesday - 9AM to 1PM (Outcall only)
Thursday - 11 AM to 11 PM ( Incall or Outcall )
Friday - 11 AM to 11 PM ( Incall or Outcall )
Saturday -11 AM to 11 PM ( Incall or Outcall )
Sunday - 7 PM to 11 PM ( Incall or Outcall )


Washington Dc Escort AgencyMichelle - Annapolis, Washington DC, Virginia, Southern portion of 695 with advanced notice just ask.
Monday -  11-3PM and 6:30-11PM
Tuesday - Noon - 3:30 PM | 6 PM - 11PM
Wednesday - 11AM to 10 PM
Thursday -  Noon - 3:30 PM | 7 PM - 11PM
Friday - Noon - 2:30 PM | 6:30 PM - 11PM
Saturday - 11AM to 11PM
Sunday - 11 AM to 11 PM 


Brigitte - Camp Hill -Harrisburg PA with 8 to 24 hour NOTICE Mandatory and OUTCALL ONLY

Advance notice vs getting lucky.
My associates have lives, they are not sitting around in some hotel waiting for you to call. That is actually a costly formula when you added up the days of no activity. For best results we need 8 to 24 hour advance notice. This way the necessary logistics can be planned to create a successful outcome. We can also work with "penciling " some one in the night before. For example, if you think you might have time 3 pm tomorrow but not completely sure and will not know till noon the next day, then call me the day before and let me know. We can then book a tentative appointment subject to you letting us know by X time so our associate can accommodate you. A few of you keep waiting until the last minute to try and get lucky and frankly you are failing continuously.

I understand the demands of unstable schedules, I have one, however doing the same-thing over and over and expecting different results, we all know that that is. I suggest you last minute people, try the pencil in approach, it may work better for you.



Baltimore escorts Allison has a devilishly clever and bawdy wit which will make you smile once you've been captivated by those piercing blue eyes and flowing locks of red hair. She exudes a librarian by day and heathen devil woman by night air which would make Mae West and Raquel Welch proud. 5'2, 112lbs, and 33C-26-32 age 25.

Allison at this time is only available after 6 PM week days and open availabilities must weekends with 8 to 24 hr advance notice required.





Annapolis Escorts - DC EscortsMichelle is attractive, educated a demure early 30's brunette with an athletic spinner body,women love to hate. Soft brown eyes, 5'3, 105 lbs. 32B-25-34, a size 00 (try off the rack shopping when you're that size..NOT!) with nice abdominal muscles and incredible legs.

Michelle will be based out of Annapolis MD with service to Washington DC, BWI and the southern portions of 695.





Harrisburg PA Escorts - Baltimore EscortThink of her as the classic high school cheerleader but only really kind, soft and genuinely sweet personality. The kind of girl you wake up with breakfast in bed and a little dessert. We feel this young lady is made for this business and she agrees with us.

Based in Carlisle PA with service to Harrisburg, York and as far south as Hagerstown and Frederick MD. Three hour or more requests will get her to the 495 area beltway with 24 to 48 hour advance notice when not schedule to be there.




Maryland Escort Claire - Statuesque late 30’s, 36B, a size 8 absolutely charming lady with shiny blonde hair and light brown eyes. She has a love of animals and life that is contagious, loves her job and enjoys making sure you are satisfied. Educated, down to earth, the perfect companion for the gentlemen loves authentic people. Don't be shy if you love a woman who can be assertive then you'll love this vivacious conversationalist. Claire is our fun loving, joy full, ray of light with a warm and welcoming personality. Greek cooking and cultural tutoring for those who have expressed interest which begins with a 2 hour min.




Baltimore Maryland - DC EscortLily our brown eyed statuesque amerasian mix could make a leg man sigh. In you love a lean slender models body 5'8' 125lbs 34A-26-33 she's would make a great choice. A lover of Italian food and aspiring singer Lily's uncomplicated charm makes her great for that late lunch time, afternoon or after work encounter. After all there is nothing worse than going home with all those blocked chakra's.




Virgina Escort Measuring at 5'5", 130 lbs, 36B-30-36, Emma is the epitome of a great volleyball player. She also spends her time outdoors lounging on the beach and finding fun adventures where she can. On top of being an athlete, Emma's got a great fantasy football lineup and would love to take you on.






Nursing Students - CNA -GNA - LPN - Former Military women - Starving Models and Actresses’s -

independent escorts dc

Gettysburg PA - Maryland - Washington DC - Northern VA - Charleston - Martinsburg WV


It's all about Integrity, Security, Convenience and Guarantees.

Lee ^


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Hiring Classy DC Maryland Escorts

Ladies please learn about the escort industry BEFORE you apply we recommend the free information only site:

We're seeking:
Asian - East Indian - Mediterranean - Eastern European - South American
Persians - Identical Twins - Mother Daughter teams

We are as unique, as we are special.

Why ?

Our clients are the nicest, most loyal gentlemen, ladies and couples simply because we've earned their trust and respect!. Dreams Escorts and the Fantasys! Network have revolutionized the escort industry by living up to four simple principles:



When we choose a young woman to be a part of the Dreams  it means you value these principles and you put the art of pleasing before money. A lady who takes pride in a job well done and understands with hard work comes even better rewards. In life, there are no short cuts to your individual dream.


Are you humble, personable, attractive Bi (straight) female who's interested in part time income as an Escort Companion? 


The best Escort /Companion/Courtesan's in this industry know this is a calling. If you are a bi female who has heard the call ever since you were young then, you may be someone we want to consider working with. Not everyone has the drive, class and focus to be a DivineCompanions or Dreams Escort. Successful Escorts in this business are not just born: they are made. We're looking for a few quality women who deeply hunger to belong to something larger than themselves. NOT those who see themselves as Diva's, super models, princesses or queen bees.


We work best with uninhibited, very open minded, goal oriented women with a deep compulsive urge and desire to please others. Women who like receiving strong direction and function best under our procedure driven, structured environment.   In addition we're also looking for that one in fifty woman who is willing, driven and wants to be trained to be an industry superstar.


Part time day - afternoon (the best hours are 11AM to 7 PM) and night especially
for those who live in following areas:

  • Washington DC
  • Alexandria VA
  • Fairfax VA
  • Baltimore MD
  • Bethesda MD
  • Charlottesville VA
  • Frederick MD
  • Hagerstown MD
  • Salisbury MD
  • Chambersburg PA
  • Harrisburg - York PA
  • Manassas VA


No outrageous claims, no lies, no cons, simply the truth and where to see the proof for yourself.


Take the time and listen to our podcasts  and hear what makes us different on our Agency Blog then YOU decide if you are what we are looking for.


Are you the kind of person who is really looking for Fast and Easy money ?
If you thought "Yes", then we are NOT for you, nor are you what WE are looking for.
Please move on here, we're NOT interested in you and frankly history has proven you will fail with us..



No Experience - Meaning you've never been in the business

We only work with winners !!
People who WILL follow established procedures, policies and will NOT try to re-invent the wheel.

1 Clean and Sober
{If you have a Drug, Alcohol, Pill problem or on a Marijuana maintenance program, apply somewhere else!}

------------------------WE DO RANDOM DRUG TESTING !! -----------------------
To provide the utmost safety for our associates, clients and the integrity of this agency, we run FULL background checks on all applicants and clients.

2 You must be 21 to 30 and Biologically female (This means two X Chromosomes). Women 31 to 40 please apply at
3. Pants size 00 to 6 or (dress 00 to 6)weight in proportion to height . Women size 7 to 8 please apply at
4. Must own or have RELIABLE access to a RELIABLE vehicle. ( No car this will NOT work)
5. Must be task, goal oriented and ready to make  and honor your commitments. 
6. Must be dependable, punctual and follow instructions..
7. A self starter and team player
8. Minimal to NO tattoos. ( Our clients consider them tacky and a turn off )
9. You must love, adore and enjoy men (women major a plus).
Those with repressed hostility issues with males: we will NOT be a good fit. Don't waste your time and ours.
10. Please... NO jealous, possessive, obsessive, immature boyfriend/girlfriend with mental issues wreaking havoc in your life. (Same goes for your family members)
Individuals incapable of conducting themselves in a professional manner regardless of  a clients individual ethnic or racial background, are advised to apply elsewhere.

If you see yourself in the above and have always dreamed of a full or part-time career in the escort industry, then it's time to make it a reality !

Yes, I'm ready